Sym Jet 4 125 £1999.00 + OTR

 Product Price
£ 1,999.00  

 Product Description

SYM proudly present a whole new sporty model: the Jet 4.

This new scooter has a sporty appearance with a special body design and undoubtedly provides a popular form of sporty spirit with its original design including the unique headlight which is widely acknowledged and adored.

The Jet 4ís sporty styling and riding stability is further emphasized by its 13 inch front wheel.


1. Sporty style: sleek design and available in four colours,
2. 13 inch front wheel,
3. Foldable footsteps,
4. Front inner box provides ultra space for storage,
5. Electric cut-off switch and hook,
6. The large storage area under the seat can contain a full-size helmet.