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 Honda PS 125i

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£ 1,150.00  

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Honda PS 125i
This scooter was first registered in August 2006 and has had only 2 owners from new.  It has 3215 miles on the clock with a current MOT that expires 16/08/2019.

The PS125i gathers together the best features of Honda’s mid-sized scooter line-up in an exciting and stylish vehicle that offers style, comfort, convenience and dependable economy for delightful days of commuting, errand-running or carefree riding enjoyment.

Advanced PGM-FI Electronic Fuel Injection System

Like the current Honda Pantheon and SH125i, the PS125i features a fully digital Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) system that sets the standard for fuel economy and clean emissions, while providing exceptionally strong, smooth and reliable performance. Ensuring quick starting and smooth response, this innovative system compactly integrates the throttle body, sensors and injector with the digital electronic control unit (ECU) for both the fuel injection and ignition systems into one compact and lightweight unit. This fully electronic system is also remarkably efficient in operation, delivering a precisely timed and metered shot of fuel straight into the engine’s intake port for optimised power and performance. Economy and low running costs are especially important to daily commuters, especially in these times of rising fuel prices, and the PES125i really stands out with its miserly fuel consumption and long-term, low-maintenance reliability.

The Lowest Emissions in the 125cc Class

Like several of Honda’s latest fuel-injected scooters and large-displacement motorcycles, the PS125i is also equipped with Honda’s most advanced HECS3 oxygen-sensing catalytic emissions system for the lowest exhaust emissions in its class. With its electronic circuitry integrated into the fuel injection system’s throttle body-mounted ECU, this system monitors the PGM-FI sensors along with an oxygen sensor installed in the exhaust system to precisely maintain the optimal fuel/air mixture for its catalyser element to minimise emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrous oxides NOX), thus meeting the highest standards of environmental protection and easily clearing the strict limits imposed by the latest EURO-3 exhaust emissions regulations.

Spacious Riding Comfort

The PS125i’s relaxed and roomy riding position is highlighted by its plush contoured seat, easy reach to the handlebars and wide, flat floorboard. This wide, unobstructed floorboard area assures easy foot positioning freedom and an effortless slide onto and off the seat, certain to be welcome attractions for female riders. Slim proportions in the vicinity of the seat assure an easy reach to the ground for riders of all sizes. Its spacious contoured seat also provides comfortable seating for two whenever needed, even on longer rides.

Easy-Operation Combined Brake System

Like most of the scooters in Honda’s 125cc lineup, the PS125i features the enhanced braking control of Honda’s innovative Combined Brake System. Linking together the operation of a single 220mm hydraulic dual-piston calliper front disc brake with a 130mm standard, cable-operated rear drum brake, this system provides both novice and experienced riders with unrivalled operating ease and effortless control for assured braking control. In this relatively simple system, the right-side brake lever controls only the front brake calliper, like a conventional motorcycle brake system. The left-side brake lever, however, operates not only the rear drum brake, as in conventional scooter brake systems, it also engages the front brake calliper by way of an inline equaliser.

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