Price: £109.99

Spada Aurora Boots

  • Summer riding boots
  • PU coated leather
  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Reflective features for added visibility
  • Waterproof inner membrane
  • Sole fitted for touring
  • Elastic and accordion panels to the front of the boot
  • TPU moulded shin protection, heel and density insert to the ankle
  • Gear change pad moulded to the boot
  • Available in EU sizes 37 – 40

The Spada Aurora Boots are a PU Coated leather motorcycle boot, great for touring or adventure riding.

The Spada Aurora Boots have a waterproof membrane which is ideal for touring when the weather can be unpredictable, changeable and wet. The membrane will keep your feet dry and comfortable whilst you’re riding.

The toes, shins, ankles and heels of the boots are reinforced with TPU to ensure these areas which are likely to experience wear and tear will last longer, but they’ll also keep your feet protected. If you’re in an accident then these areas are the most likely to be injured so keeping them protected is really important.

The right side of the boot has reflective strips incorporated to ensure you are more visible to other traffic whilst riding at night or in low light conditions.

The front of the boot has accordion panels fitted. The panels are stretchy and comfortable to allow for a wider range of movement whilst you ride.

There is a moulded pad to the upper of the boot to support comfortable, easy gear changes, in addition to offering you protection whilst you’re changing gears, to minimise any bruising to the top of your foot.