Price: £3795.00
Brand: Mash

This bike is on offer with only delivery mileage.  It is on a ’22’ plate (reg.01/04/2022).

If you wished you could still go buy a brand new classic old scrambler motorcycle from the 1970’s then you’re in luck. That’s exactly how I view this bike. It’s not a modern bike in retro clothes trying to be something it’s not.

Styling wise it looks like it could be from the 70’s, and that’s not a bad thing. It has chunky off road style tyres. At the rear is has a long comfy seat, classic twin rear shocks, and a megaphone style matt black 2 into 1 exhaust.

Around the front it has scrambler style raised handlebars, and right way up front forks with gaiters. It has some nice scrambler touches like the grill over the headlight, and even a number board that doubles up as a little wind protection. Although it has an electric starter, it also has a kick start though for that really authentic feel.

The engine is an air cooled 400cc single cylinder and is actually based on an older Honda 500cc engine. This has been brought up to date with fuel injection instead of carbs and is euro 4 compliant too.

The riding position is comfortable and upright. The seat height is pretty low (only 780mm) so it would suit smaller riders, and it’s very light at just 151kg. This means that it’s very easy to ride and handle, especially with it’s fairly wide handlebars.

The switches and instruments have a classic look with twin round analogue binnacles for your speedo and rev counter.

Brakes are also very traditional. Just a single twin piston disc up front and a drum brake at the rear.